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Another day, another way that the NWSL has failed its players

We are close to breaking point. What will it take for this league to do a deep cleanse and actually start to care about its players?

The NWSL names Deloitte as the Official Professional Services Provider

The league made the announcement this morning.

NWSL players are speaking up for basic rights because unfortunately, they have to

The NWSL and the Players Association’s first CBA is a chance for the league to right a lot of wrongs

From one coast to another: Freya Coombe leaves Gotham FC for Angel City FC

In a move that not many saw coming, the former NJ/NY Gotham FC head coach will now be taking over at the west coast expansion team

Carli Lloyd calls time on her career, announces her retirement

After 17 years, 2021 will be the last time we see Carli Lloyd play professional soccer

Eugénie Le Sommer sparkles in the Tacoma sunshine

With what could be the goal of the season, Le Sommer opened her account with OL Reign in the NWSL

The battle between NC Courage and Manchester City for Abby Dahlkemper reaches its conclusion

The North Carolina Courage were trying to get Dahlkemper to end her contract early and play for them, but Manchester City was not having it.

Jess Fishlock still is one of the most complete midfielders in the NWSL

Nothing can emphasise a player’s confidence more than a chip goal from at least 18 yards out

Expansion looms on the horizon for the NWSL

Los Angeles and San Diego will be home to NWSL’s 11th and 12th clubs in 2022.

Women’s football’s long-term relationship with Toxic Positivity

Why criticism remains so rare in the woso sphere

How soccer has helped OL Reign’s Quinn find joy in their body

Quinn is making soccer a space where they’re in control of and get to enjoy their body.

Confirmed: Mark Parsons to become next Netherlands head coach

The Portland Thorns confirmed the Parsons to Netherlands hire today.

Mark Parsons to leave Portland Thorns for Netherlands HC position at end of season

Mark Parsons is reportedly exchanging roses for tulips at the end of the NWSL season.

Washington Spirit announce Alex Ovechkin has joined ownership group

Alex and Nastya Ovechkin join the Washington Spirit as more high-profile owners join NWSL.

Gotham FC needs to change the way they play Carli Lloyd

Lloyd is mismatched with the forwards around her, requiring a change in tactics or personnel.

How to watch the NWSL Challenge Cup championship: Portland Thorns vs Gotham FC

It’s Portland Thorns hosting Gotham FC for all the [preseason] marbles.

Rory Dames defends Rise of Skywalker for Star Wars day

"I’m a nerd, I don’t know what else to say. I’m a Star Wars nerd."

15-year-old Olivia Moultrie sues NWSL to be allowed to play pro soccer

Moultrie is asking the court to let her succeed or fail as a pro without age restriction

NWSL’s investigation into Houston stadium security is a missed opportunity for transparency

I am once again asking you to give us slightly more information.

Challenge Cup week 5 roundup: where did the goals go

Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to shoot one time

Challenge Cup roundup week 4: ready for regular season

Great goals from teams that look warmed up and ready for regular season.

Is the NWSL schedule out? YES!

Plus an NWSL regular season calendar just for you.

NWSL Challenge Cup week 3: international players return!

Yeah the internationals were back but I bet you still weren’t expecting that scoreline.

Turning learning into action: Kaiya McCullough talks Anti Racist Soccer Club

When it’s time for listening and learning to become action.

NWSL Challenge Cup week 2 roundup: still warming up

Just keep remembering this is the warm up to the regular season.

New NWSLPA executive director Meghann Burke talks CBA negotiations

Burke emphasized that the process could be collaborative, instead of adversarial.

NWSL Challenge Cup week 1 recap: already hectic!

It’s been a long preseason, they said. It might be a slow start, they said.

Challenge Cup 2021: schedule, how to watch, and big storylines

The Challenge Cup is back to kick off the 2021 season

Welcome to NWSL, Gotham FC

Sky Blue is dead, long live Sky Blue.

The latest NWSL rosters heading into the Challenge Cup

Which clubs have built the strongest benches?

NWSL’s transgender player policy needs work

While the league is correct in addressing the need for such a policy, they haven’t come up with one that feels very inclusive.

NWSL preseason preview: Bethany Balcer is glad to be seen as a whole human

Balcer talks about being seen for who you are off the field as well as on it.