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FA Women's Super League

WSL players answer silly questions (Part 1)

Just how would Claudia Walker react if she was instantaneously transmuted into a fish?

Casey Stoney must unleash the Real Christen Press for Manchester United to hold onto a top-3 finish

We miss her. We know you do too.

Looking back at woso in 2020

Whew, what a year.

Exploring the Australian exodus from the NWSL

Why are all the Matildas opting for European football?

Mewis Man City moves and more: rounding up player and coach news

Yes, players are leaving NWSL to get games, but don’t read too much into it right now.

AfXI link roundup: It’s Challenge Cup season now

We’ve got Challenge Cup reading, a look at the woeful world of woso stats, and a lot of WSL news

FIFPro report urges clubs and federations to step up in professionalizing the women’s game

The women’s game is being held back by a lack of investment

Good vibes couldn’t save Ipswich from a Man City blowout

Full time pros versus amateurs, stop me if you know where this is going

What we’re looking forward to in 2020

A new NWSL season, the Olympics, and breaking a record

A deeper look: Tottenham Hotspur

The "who are ya" of Spurs.

Where to next for Sam Kerr? Let us make wild guesses

Sam Kerr does Europe.

The WSL ContiCup – what is it and why should you care (or not)

Carabao? Get outta here, in this house we drink Continental Tyres

WSL sets records at men’s stadiums but the negatives remain

WSL matches in men’s stadiums? It’s a no from me.

12 questions with… WSL players (part 2)

Bri Visalli would be a what?!

WSL players as fruit. That’s right

If you’ve ever wanted to get fruity with a WSL footballer, look no further

Record breaking weekend in WSL: Tip of the iceberg or feel-good outlier?

Is this a lasting marriage or a blissful honeymoon period in England?

The Liverpool FC Women US preseason tour is a confusing, frustrating mess

Why did the club bring them over in the first place?

England’s unorthodox World Cup squad announcement epitomizes the The FA’s commitment to women’s soccer

Why 23 tweets across 4 hours could be more significant than people are giving it credit for

The FA’s stroke of brilliance: Manchester United, full-time vs part-time

Allowing Manchester United to compete as a FT team in a PT league has left a sour taste, but has set a precedent

Arsenal scoop WSL title in anti-fairytale

Not quite a fairytale but a feel-good hit of the summer, Arsenal are champions of England once more

Kevin can wait, we need to talk about Yeovil

It’s finally happened, Yeovil Town have been relegated from WSL - but it’s time from some honesty

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good riddance 

The award for the ugliest shirt in WSL this season goes to...