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Division 1

D1 Feminine, the top tier of French women's soccer

Montpellier are still not good enough to challenge OL

A 5-0 demolishing at the hands of the champions showed Montpellier HSC just how far they have to go before they can match up with the top two in France.

Sarah Bouhaddi, the queen of penalty shoot-outs

There’s nothing more fun in soccer than watching a goalkeeper take (and convert) a penalty. Bouhaddi has it down to an art form.

42-year-old Formiga still rules and isn’t quitting anytime soon

PSG extends Formiga’s contract

Top Five Division 1 Féminine Players outside the Big Two

Looking further than Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain may introduce new fan favourites to the world.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux are making the D1F title race interesting

A draw against the league leaders gives hope to the challengers looking to stop OL from retaining the title yet again.

Division 1 Féminine Mid-season Grades

The league has reached its halfway point but there are still twists and turns to come once the second half of the season is underway.

Lyon vs PSG: Three Things to Look Out For

The Division 1 Féminine sees its two biggest teams go head-to-head this weekend

Dijon FCO are suffering from second season syndrome

After five rounds of matches, Dijon are rock bottom of the Division 1 Féminine and don’t seem capable of climbing up from there.

It’s Olympique Lyonnais’ world and the rest of Division 1 Féminine are just living in it

With one week left before the Division 1 Féminine begins, the rest of the league look to find a way to stop the juggernaut that is OL.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux would like your attention please

The Division 1 Féminine outfit continues to make strides and could be the team to watch this season.