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The NWSL and the UWCL are coming to FIFA 23

The world’s most popular soccer video game will feature new teams and players in their latest edition.

FIFA 23 Photo Illustrations Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

EA Sports, the creator of the video game that has been a staple in the soccer community for years, has announced today that the National Women’s Soccer League will be added to the latest edition, FIFA 23.

The league, along with the UEFA Women’s Champions League, will be joining the FA WSL and Division 1 Arkema which were initially added at the launch of the game. On March 15th, a Title Update will add the NWSL and the UWCL to the game, allowing fans all over the world to now play with their favourite NWSL and UWCL teams on their favourite console.

UWCL Update

EA Sports FIFA broke down how the two leagues will be added in their press release. The UWCL will be fully playable in the following game modes:

  • Kick-Off
  • Tournament Mode

In Kick-Off, you can choose to play a Home & Away match by playing in the semi-finals, complete with the full broadcast experience, or directly into the UWCL Finals to watch your club hoist the trophy. You can select any available European women’s club to play in these match types.

In Tournament Mode, you start the competition from the quarter-finals onwards, again with the full authentic match broadcast experience. You can select any available European Women’s club, along with some new clubs.

Along with these modes, four new teams which have featured in the UWCL will be added to the game as well. Real Madrid C.F., VfL Wolfsburg, Juventus and Eintracht Frankfurt will now be playable teams once the FIFA update happens next week.

All clubs are selectable in the game modes mentioned above, with the four new clubs selectable under the “Rest of World” category for Women’s clubs. All clubs are playable in Online Seasons & Online Friendlies as well.

NWSL Update

Also according to the EA Sports FIFA announcement, the NWSL will now be playable in the following game modes:

  • Kick-Off
  • Online Seasons (Head-to-Head & Co-op)
  • Online Friendlies
  • Tournament Mode

In Kick-Off, Online Seasons & Online Friendlies, you can choose to play with any of the 12 clubs in the league. If both clubs in the match are from the NWSL, you’ll see the authentic match broadcast experience in these modes.

In Tournament Mode, you can choose any club to start your NWSL campaign, taking your team through the season to win the NWSL Shield and play in the NWSL Playoffs to eventually become champions, lifting the NWSL trophy.