Sports Man Health Tips

Eat sparingly, train hard, and lose weight successfully. If weight control is still not going well, do you plan a meal menu according to the content of your training?

Just as there is a difference in energy consumption between training days and rest days, controlling the amount of energy intake from meals is the key to successful athlete weight loss. I will show you how to put together a meal menu during training and weight loss.

How to think about a meal menu to lose weight while keeping muscle mass

Unlike dieting, weight loss for athletes does not reduce lean body mass, but only body fat.

Excess energy that the body cannot burn is the source of body fat. Excessive dietary restrictions and unbalanced diets lower the metabolism in the body, making it difficult to burn fat and making it easier to rebound. It is important to create a body that is easy to lose weight by increasing metabolism by properly combining diet and training.

1: Lean body mass: Total amount of muscles, bones, internal organs, etc., excluding body fat. Abbreviated as LBM (Lean body mass).

Three meals a day, no skipping meals

In order to maintain good health, regular nutrition is necessary.

When hunger persists beyond a certain level, the body begins to break down muscle and use it as energy. In addition, the brain recognizes that it is in a state of starvation, so it changes to a constitution that is easy to accumulate fat.

Consider the balance of food intake during the day

You don't have to worry about breakfast and lunch because they are consumed by activities after meals, but if you eat too much at dinner, you won't be able to consume everything before you go to bed, which will hinder your weight loss.

If your daily energy intake isn't that high, but you feel like you're getting fat easily or it's hard to lose weight, check to see if you're eating too much at night. Also, try to finish eating dinner three hours before bedtime. If you don't have time to go to bed, change to something easy to digest such as ochazuke or udon noodles, or reduce the amount so that it is digested smoothly.

Also, the staple food can be even more effective in the way you choose.

Take enough carbohydrates that you need for your activity, and take in nutrients necessary for metabolism so that you don't leave excess energy in your body. We recommend using brown rice instead of white rice, bran bread (germ bread) for bread, and whole wheat pasta noodles instead of wheat. It contains vitamin B1 and dietary fiber, which are necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, and is slowly absorbed into the body, so blood sugar levels do not rise and satiety is improved.