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Watch Nahikari García score an audacious chip

Against a strong Athletic Bilbao side, Nahikari popped up with a sumptuous goal for her team

Real Madrid v Athletic Club - Primera Iberdrola Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

With how the season has gone so far for Nahikari García, you wouldn’t expect her to produce a moment like this.

Real Madrid were 1-0 up thanks to Athenea del Castillo but it was tough slogging for them as Athletic Bilbao created chances and threatened their goal constantly. With the game winding down, Claudia Zornoza picked out a great through pass to find Nahikari and then instead of trying to round the goalkeeper or trying to finish low into the far corner, she did this:

It takes guts to try and take on a shot like that, knowing just how big a victory is here for Real Madrid and how, all things considered, her shooting hasn’t been at its very best for Nahikari but she saw the opportunity and went for style to cap off the win. That’s the type of shot a player in form and full of confidence would try, and execute correctly. The ease at which she delicately placed that ball over Mariasun Quiñones was a thing of beauty to behold.

When she first arrived at Real Madrid from Real Sociedad, three goals in 14 league appearances were clearly not what she nor the Madridistas would’ve expected from her considering her prolific spell with Sociedad before. Instead, she’s struggled to maintain a starting spot with the team but today, that didn’t stop her from scoring a brilliant goal to not only win the game for Real Madrid, but also keep them within touching distance of a Champions League spot.

At just over a goal every two games for Sociedad (104 in 200 appearances), Nahikari has an eye for goal that not many in the Primera Iberdrola have outside of the Barcelona players. That’s why she was bought by Las Blancas. She can score all kinds of goals too; chips, thumpers, headers, placed finishes, anything you can think of so if you had watched her during her Sociedad days, this goal doesn’t come as a surprise to you.

Even with all of her struggles this season, that goal shows just how much talent and potential Nahikari has in her. At 24, her career isn’t even close to being done and she can only get better. Real Madrid have two talented strikers in Esther González and Nahikari and even though Esther is the one in form right now, I wouldn’t look to dismiss Nahikari’s career at Madrid just yet. After all, why would you when she can do something like this?