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Jess Fishlock still is one of the most complete midfielders in the NWSL

Nothing can emphasise a player’s confidence more than a chip goal from at least 18 yards out

North Carolina Courage v OL Reign Photo by Jane Gershovich/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Jess Fishlock isn’t going to the Olympics next month with Team GB. Those of us who have watched her since her return from injury are not quite sure why that is. What will be potentially Team GB’s loss will be OL Reign and the NWSL’s gain and if her goal tonight is anything to go by, Fishlock is humming along nicely as the season progresses.

OL Reign were 2-0 down against the North Carolina Courage and had barely troubled their backline. Fishlock, who had been named as a substitute due to her just coming back from international duty, entered the game and immediately made the Reign better. A mainstay with the Reign since their inception in 2013, Fishlock is the heartbeat of this team. Her drive, her tenacity and her willingness to keep her team pushing forward shouldn’t negate that she has true skill in her locker. Those in Cary witnessed that as Fishlock scored a goal of the season contender.

Her goal not only showed her teammates that there was still life in this game but also reinforced that anyone would love to have a Jess Fishlock in their team. Her mere presence on the pitch elevates those around her and if given space, can produce moments of magic like what we all witnessed not too long ago.

The above camera angle shows you just how good this goal is. Fishlock not only puts in enough power to reach the goal but she also adds top spin to her chip so that if floats above Casey Murphy and into the goal almost in slow motion. It’s a thing of beauty.

While OL Reign succumbed to their third loss in a row, the seeds of what this team can do if they can bring it all together were evident. Fishlock is key to that and will prove to be absolutely pivotal especially once all those involved in the Olympics make their way to Tokyo in the near future. She will be looking to push her team up the table during that period and look to cement OL Reign to make a run for the playoffs.

If she keeps producing moments like this, who wouldn’t put it past her to take the Reign (kicking and screaming if needs be) all the way to a NWSL Championship.