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The 2022 NWSL Draft as it happens

Every pick, trade, deal will be recorded here as it happens

2020 NWSL Draft Photo by Howard Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Welcome everyone to the 2022 NWSL Draft! Every draft pick will be recorded and placed here each time it comes in. Refresh the page to get each update in real time. We’ll also be keeping track of any deals, trades, etc. as they come in so settle in and enjoy the ride!

Jaelin Howell and Naomi Girma are expected to be selected first and second, in no particular order, today so it will be interesting to see how after those two, gets selected next as teams head deeper into the first round.

We’ve also compiled all the rules, eligible players and so forth right here if you need a quick refresher before the draft begins.


  1. San Diego Wave - Naomi Girma (D/M, Stanford)

2. Racing Louisville - Jaelin Howell (M, Florida State)

3. North Carolina Courage - Emily Gray (M, Virginia Tech)

4. Racing Louisville - Savannah Demelo (M, USC)

5. Orlando Pride - Mia Fishel (F, UCLA)

6. North Carolina Courage - Diana Ordoñez (F, UVA)

7. Kansas City Current - Elyse Bennett (F, Washington State)

8. * OL Reign - Zsanett Kaján (F, St. John’s University)

9. San Diego Wave - Marleen Schimmer (M/F, Grand Canyon University)

10. ** Orlando Pride - Caitlin Cosme (D, Duke University)

11. Orlando Pride - Julie Doyle (F, Santa Clara)

12. North Carolina Courage - Kaitlin Fregulia (D, Long Beach State University)

* OL Reign acquired the eight pick in the draft after trading with NY/NJ Gotham FC for the first round pick in the 2023 NWSL Draft and $40,000 in allocation money.

** OL Reign traded their tenth pick for a second round pick in the 2023 NWSL draft and Phoebe McClernon to the Orlando Pride who received the tenth pick and two unnamed players.

Round 2

13. Portland Thorns - Sydny Nasello (F, University of South Florida)

14. * Washington Spirit - Tinaya Alexander (F, LSU)

15. ** Washington Spirit - Madison Elwell (M/F, Vanderbilt)

16. Racing Louisville - Charmé Morgan (D, Oklahoma State)

17. Kansas City Current: Chardonnay Curran (M, University of Oregon)

18. Chicago Red Stars - Ava Cook (F, Michigan State)

19. Chicago Red Stars - Sammi Fisher (M, Notre Dame)

20. OL Reign - Claudia Dickey (GK, UNC)

21. *** OL Reign - Ryanne Brown (F, Wake Forest)

22. Portland Thorns - Gabby Provenzano (D/M, Rutgers)

23. **** Washington Spirit - Lucy Shepherd (F/M, Hofstra)

24. NJ/NY Gotham FC - Kelly Ann Livingstone (D, Georgetown)

25. San Diego Wave - Sydney Pulver (M/D, Washington State)

26. Racing Louisville - Jordyn Bloomer (GK, Wisconsin)

* San Diego traded the 14th pick to the Washington Spirit for $85,000 in allocation money.

** OL Reign traded the 15th pick to the Washington Spirit for $85,000 in allocation money.

*** OL Reign traded for the 21st pick and $15,000 in allocation money from the Houston Dash in exchange for midfielder Kelcie Hedge.

**** Chicago Red Stars traded the 23rd pick to the Washington Spirit for $25,000 in allocation money.

Round 3

27. San Diego Wave - Belle Briede (F/M, Stanford)

28. Angel City - Hope Breslin (M, University of Illinois)

29. * NC Courage - Haleigh Stackpole (F/M, Ole Miss)

30. Racing Louisville - Jenna Menta (F, Wake Forest)

31. Orlando Pride - Jada Talley (F, USC)

32. OL Reign - Kaile Halvorsen (F/M, Santa Clara)

33. OL Reign - Olivia Van der Jagt (M, University of Washington)

34. NJ/NY Gotham - Hensley Hancuff (GK, Clemson University)

35. Chicago Red Stars - Sarah Griffith (F, Purdue University)

36. Angel City - Lily Nabet (M, Duke University)

37. Chicago Red Stars - Kayla McKeon (M, University of Arkansas)

38. Washington Spirit - Audrey Harding (F, UNC Wilmington)

* Orlando Pride traded the 29th pick to the NC Courage for the rights to Deanne Rose.

Round 4

39. Angel City - Miriaél Taylor (F, Hofstra)

40. San Diego Wave - Kayla Bruster (D, University of Georgia)

41. Kansas City Current - Jenna Winebrenner (D, Texas Christian University)

42. Racing Louisville - Sydney Cummings (D, Georgetown University)

43. Kanas City Current - Izzy Rodriguez (D, Ohio State University)

44. Houston Dash - Ryan Gareis (F, University of South Carolina)

45. North Carolina Courage - Marisa Bova (GK, Purdue University)

46. NJ/NY Gotham FC - Raleigh Loughman (M, University of Michigan)

47. OL Reign - Marley Canales (M, UCLA)

48. Portland Thorns - Natalie Beckman (F, University of Denver)

49. Chicago Red Stars - Jayda Hylton-Pelaia (D, Arizona State)

50. Washington Spirit - Jordan Thompson (D, Gonzaga University)