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NWSL expansion team Racing Louisville FC unveils branding

The artist formerly known as Proof Louisville has a new name, crest and colors.

@RacingLouFC on Twitter

NWSL’s next expansion team unveiled its branding on Wednesday morning, and I’m a fan. The club, going by Racing Louisville FC, announced its name, colors and crest with a video featuring the crest’s designer.

Personally, I really love the lavender that’s different from the primary color used by the associated men’s club, but close enough to feel like there’s some consistent identity. Both crests also make use of the fleur de lis.

Originally, the club was set to be named Proof Louisville FC, using a black and white color scheme. But the club announced it was reconsidering that decision in April, implying that the previous process was a bit rushed. The club’s new identity — which, unlike the previous one, should avoid alienating anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol — comes as the result of more consultation with fans and the local community.

Racing Louisville is heading into a busy inaugural offseason, and should have the core of its new roster before the end of 2020, by way of an expansion draft and the NWSL re-entry wire for released players. The team will make its NWSL debut in the 2021 season.