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Unusual Ef’pod Episode 26: A Bus to Catch

The Unusual Efforts gang is back to continue 21 Thunder commentary.

Hannah Carroll

We are nearing the end of season one for 21 Thunder, which means that Kirsten, Jessie, and Megan are in for an action-packed episode.

We check in with the hosts as we are all under self-isolation. Megan made a spreadsheet for the apocalypse to use when we need a self-care break. We know the current situation is difficult for everyone, and we hope this series is a break, however small, from reality.

Episode six (“War”) is full of plot. Junior and Fatima deal with the aftermath of last episode and continue their search for his brother. The U21 team is headed to Boston for the “InterCon Cup” with the possibility of playing against the team from London (apparently there’s only one). The savvy social media manager confiscates the dad’s phone, which seems to be a good decision. Later in the episode, Davey proves that she also should have taken the players’ phones. We watch Boston get crushed by phenomenal goals, then we learn that true friendship comes from fighting racists together.

Listen on Megaphone below, or check your favorite podcast app (search for “All for XI”)!

You can find the hosts on Twitter:

Kirsten Schlewitz - @kdschlewitz

Jessie Losch - @JessieLosch

Megan Smith - @themegansmith