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Unusual Ef’pod Episode 28: Nobody Likes a Loser, Jerry

It's finale-ly the last episode of 21 Thunder!

Hannah Carroll

Kirsten, Jessie, and Megan are back for the finale of 21 Thunder, titled “Rock and a Hard Place.” Montreal Thunder is headed to the InterCon Cup final against London Crown FC, and an increasingly large match-fixing scheme is overshadowing the game. Police show up to the training pitch, giving several characters a scare before they arrest Junior.

Christy Cook is our new coach after Rocas left, and she clashes with club owner Ana Messina over tactics. Christy also shows up to get Junior out of jail with the team lawyers, protecting her player. Davey is drawn into the match-fixing to settle his debts, which leads to him making poor substitutions to try to weaken the team.

#Alma (Alex and Emma) met up in the Montreal airport, both headed on different adventures. They admit their feelings and snuggle in a secluded spot before realizing Nolan needs their support at the game.

Referee Desjardins is going his best to let Montreal players get injured and calling back clear goals. Stefan, or Big Snacks, makes a decision and “snackrifices” himself for the team by tackling the referee so the assistant takes over.

The pivotal moment comes when Montreal are given a free kick, and Nolan steps up to take it. He can either miss on purpose, helping those fixing the game, or do his best to score. After a moment of hesitation, he sinks the ball in the net, winning the game for Montreal.

During the celebration, an ominous man in a trench coat begins heading toward a celebrating Nolan. Davey notices the man has a gun, so he jumps in and jostles the guy until he can't take the shot anymore.

We want to know what you think should happen in season two. What are your biggest questions? Who are you excited to see? What terrible team names will they continue to come up with?

You can listen to this episode through the Megaphone player below, or find us under “All for XI” on your favorite podcast apps.

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