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Unusual Ef’pod Episode 27: Together Apart

Quarantine won't stop the Unusual Efforts crew from commentating the penultimate episode of 21 Thunder.

Hannah Carroll

Season one of 21 Thunder is quickly coming to a close as we watch the penultimate episode that is somehow appropriately titled for our current situation as “Together We Part.”

The Unusual Efforts crew is back with episode seven, leaving only one more until the end of the season. It's an action packed episode from the beginning, where we have tension between Junior and Fatima as she reveals that she had a relationship with Bamba. Nolan continues to make poor decisions, even as he is made captain after Alex's transfer to Utah.

Our favorite Canadian U21 side is facing London Crown FC in the InterCon Cup, the names of which we feel reveal the depth of the writer's football knowledge. Right before the team's big game, Coach Rocas decides to resign, leaving the door open to promote Christy Cook as the first female head coach in MLS (though we wonder how accurate that is due to it being a youth side).

The relationship drama between Emma and Nolan continues, with Emma finally finding out the secret Nolan's had all season. She must choose between sticking with him or heading to her dream medical school in Dublin.

Marie Tremblay, the physiotherapist, is set for an opulent wedding hosted by the team. She has a dress from before the team took over, which she wears as she says goodbye to her former lover Stefan (Big Snacks). As the pressure mounts for everything to be perfect, Marie and her fiancee elope to City Hall and ruin all of Ana's plans for the publicity stunt.

Our last and perhaps most tragic storyline is an update on former captain and keeper Alex. During the reception, Stefan shows Emma a video compilation where he broke down during a game. He was struggling with a panic attack and ended up on the ground as the other team scored goal after goal.

Watch and listen along with us as we try to make sense of this packed episode! You can listen using the player below or find us on your favorite podcasting app (search for “All for XI” and make sure you subscribe)!

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