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St. Cuthbert it’s time to move aside, in this house we celebrate Erin

Reliving some of Erin Cuthbert’s belters

Chelsea v West Ham United - Barclays FA Women’s Super League Photo by Harriet Lander - Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

For those not up on their British saints (firstly, how dare you), you might have let St. Cuthbert’s Day (21 March) pass you by last month, which is fine, no judgements here. The passing of the Anglo-Saxon saint’s day eleven days ago did however give me the idea for a new day of celebration: Erin Cuthbert’s Day.

A walking bottle of sauce, 21-year-old Erin Cuthbert (not to be confused with the saint who, if still alive, would be 1384) is one of the more recent in a healthy line of uber-talented Scottish attackers/midfielders. With a controlled touch, well-judged burst of speed and thunder-bugger of a kick on her, the Scottish international is a pure baller.

The first female player to score for Scotland at a European Championships (the week of her 19th birthday), Cuthbert has risen to prominence following a move to Chelsea in 2017. Having to earn her minutes south of the border, the Irvine native has grown in stature since the move and has become a fan-favourite at Kingsmeadow (as well as in the Scottish national team).

As well as being known for her rip-roaring goals from range, the 21-year-old also has a strong line in ending the careers of defenders, as can be seen below.

Cracking goals in from distance at youth levels without breaking a sweat, Cuthbert has had no difficulty performing the same feat for the seniors, with her audacious effort again Jamaica a sterling example.

Or her shapely stunner against Northern Ireland (a goal that, by law, has to be watched every Erin Cuthbert’s Day).

Or, if you’re so inclined, there’s always her net-ripping half-volley against Lyon in Lyon to keep Chelsea alive in their Champions League semi-final tie last season (pressure? What pressure).

Truly, Cuthbert was at her uninhibited best at the Parc des Princes against Argentina at the World Cup (before the last 15 minutes which we won’t speak of ever again). A footballer who fully embodies the idea of playing with a smile on her face, the Scottish youngster plays on the biggest stages as if she was just having a kick around in the park.

Whether or not any of us can successfully petition parliament to put Erin Cuthbert’s Day on the calendar remains to be seen, but in these pretty grim times, I’ll be watching her highlight reel a few more times.