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Unusual Ef’pod Episode 24: Worst Match Fixing Ever

The Unusual Efforts crew is back to continue with 21 Thunder in this uncertain world.

Art by Hannah Carroll

The Unusual Efforts crew is back for another Unusual Ef’pod. Join Jessie, Kirsten, and Megan as they continue to review 21 Thunder, the CBC/Netflix series about a fictional under-21 side in Quebec's largest city.

Instead of continuing with their commentary track, Kirsten, Jessie, and Megan return to recap the episode and discuss the fast-paced plot. In episode four (“Fixed”), we discuss the quality of match-fixing, Alex's poor decisions, and what Declan Gallard is up to.

Ultimately, this episode leaves us with more questions than answers. Why is Sly the best character on the show? Why does anyone let Nolan make adult decisions? What's up with Emma’s parents? Most importantly, will we continue our shirtless streak? Find out by listening below!

You can find the hosts on Twitter at:

Kirsten Schlewitz - @kdschlewitz

Jessie Losch - @JessieLosch

Megan Smith - @themegansmith