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NWSL delays start of 2020 season due to COVID-19

The news we’ve all been expecting is now official

It’s official: the women’s game in the United States is on hold.

After almost all major sporting events and competitions have been postponed or canceled this week due to the coronavirus outbreak, NWSL announced earlier today that it is following suit.

In a statement that went out today, the league said that the start of the 2020 season would be delayed past their original start date of April 18, which includes a training moratorium through April 5.

The move comes after Major League Soccer and the United Soccer League suspended operations and US Soccer canceled upcoming friendlies for the USWNT and USMNT. The Women’s Premier Soccer League already announced they would delay the beginning of their season until May 29 and would move their matches until later to allow for a full regular season.

NWSL had already made an announcement that all scheduled preseason fixtures were canceled, as well as sent an advisory to media covering the league to maintain a “safe social distance” from players at training sessions or in the post-game mixed zone.

It does add a bit to general frustration that the league has not announced a definitive plan other than to wait, but odds are they’re also hoping that they can postpone opening day in order to play out a shifted schedule, or a shortened season, as opposed to canceling outright.

As a reminder, many of NWSL’s old games are still archived online by the league. If you ever wanted to go back and rewatch your favorite win (or for some reason, your most heartbreaking losses), now is the time to enjoy a woso binge.