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Welcome to our new podcast from Unusual Efforts!

Our latest collaboration is bringing you a great soccer podcast. This episode: 21 Thunder.

Art by Hannah Carroll

Welcome to the Unusual Efforts Ef'pod! This is a new collaboration between Unusual Efforts and All for XI to bring you a regular soccer podcast. The Unusual Efforts crew has been providing a place for NB and women’s voices in soccer for years, and now they’re here to continue their work with us.

In this episode: we are continuing our 21 Thunder watch party, which is the perfect thing to do if you happen to be stuck at home for two weeks (at least). 21 Thunder had a one-season run on Canadian television detailing the gossipy inner lives of a fictional Montreal-based MLS U21 team and their coaching crew, including Christine Sinclair stand-in Christy Cook. Gun battles! Hot tubs! Affairs! Wow, MLS really is the most exciting top tier league.

Join us as we dive into episode three (“Freefalling”), where Christy and Davey face off in an exhibition, Nolan reconnects with his father, and Junior meets someone.

Jessie, Megan, and Kirsten jump right into the commentary, so sync up your Netflix and get ready for confusion of Canadianisms, our pitch for a Pan-Canada tour, and a truly terrible rendition of the Montreal Thunder chant.

It's time for shirtless counts, man buns, and a baffling drinking game.

You can find the hosts on Twitter at:

Kirsten Schlewitz - @kdschlewitz

Jessie Losch - @JessieLosch

Megan Smith - @themegansmith