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2020 NWSL college draft live post

Follow every pick of the 2020 NWSL college draft here.

Welcome to All for XI’s live coverage of the 2020 NWSL college draft. We’ll have every pick of the draft here as it comes in, including any trades.

The list of players eligible for the draft is here.

The current draft order is here.

Be sure to share your thoughts and wild theories in the comments or on Twitter.

Watch the livestream here:

Round 1

1. PORTLAND: Sophia Smith (FWD, Stanford). Traded for the #1 pick with Orlando in exchange for Emily Sonnett.

2. PORTLAND: Morgan Weaver (FWD, Washington State). Traded with Chicago after Chicago traded with Sky Blue.

3. ORLANDO: Taylor Kornieck (MID/DEF, U of Colorado). Traded with Chicago in exchange for Rachel Hill after a flurry of activity on the draft floor.

4. WASHINGTON: Ashley Sanchez (FWD/MID, UCLA). Traded with Sky Blue in exchange for a player to be named later.

5. SKY BLUE: Evelyne Viens (FWD, U of South Florida).

6. NORTH CAROLINA: Alleandra Watt (FWD, Texas A&M). NC took a timeout before making the pick.

7. ORLANDO: Courtney Petersen (MID/DEF, UVA).

8. UTAH: Tziarra King (FWD/MID, North Carolina State).

9. REIGN FC: Kelcie Hedge (MID, Santa Clara U).

Round 2

10. ORLANDO: Konya Plummer (DEF, U of Central Florida).

11. SKY BLUE: Kaleigh Riehl (DEF, Penn State). Taken after a timeout.

12. UTAH: Kate Del Fava (MID, Illinois State).

13. WASHINGTON: Natalie Jacobs (FWD/MID/DEF, USC).

14. ORLANDO: Phoebe McClernon (DEF, UVA)

15. CHICAGO: Julia Bingham (DEF, USC). Taken after a timeout.

16. CHICAGO: Camryn Biegalski (DEF, UW-Madison).

17. WASHINGTON: Averie Collins (MID, Washington State).

18. HOUSTON: Bridgette Andrzejewski (FWD, U of North Carolina).

Round 3

19. CHICAGO: Zoe Morse (MID/DEF, UVA).

20. SKY BLUE: Amanda McGlynn (GK, Virginia Tech).

21. ORLANDO: Cheyenne Shorts (DEF, U of Denver).

22. HOUSTON: Chloe Castaneda (FWD, UCLA).

23. WASHINGTON: Katie McClure (FWD, U of Kansas). Taken after a timeout.

24. CHICAGO: Ella Stevens (FWD/MID, Duke).

25. PORTLAND: Meaghan Nally (DEF, Georgetown). Taken after a timeout.

26. ORLANDO: Abi Kim (FWD, UC-Berkeley).

27. NORTH CAROLINA: Sinclaire Miramontez (DEF, U of Nebraska).

Round 4

28. NORTH CAROLINA: Addisyn Merrick (DEF, U of Kansas).

29. SKY BLUE: Chantelle Swaby (MID/DEF, Rutgers).

30. ORLANDO: Chelsee Washington (MID, Bowling Green).

31. UTAH: Cyera Hintzen (FWD, UT-Austin).

32. WASHINGTON: Kaiya McCullough (DEF, UCLA).

33. REIGN FC: Sam Hiatt (MID/DEF, Stanford).

34. REIGN FC: Meg Brandt (FWD/MID/DEF, U of Nebraska).

35. CHICAGO: Aerial Chavarin (FWD/MID/DEF, Yale).

36. NORTH CAROLINA: Brianne Folds (MID, Auburn).