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Italy’s World Cup roster cut from 26 to final 23

Milena Bertolini leaves it to the last minute to finalise her Italy squad

Italy Women Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

One of the many coaches who took advantage of calling in an expanded squad and weighing up all her options before trimming the excess, Italy boss Milena Bertolini used all of her allotted time before delivering the bad news to the few who failed to make the grade.

The final World Cup squad without too many surprises, the majority those firmly on the radar since Bertolini took over from Antonio Cabrini in 2017. The biggest miss this summer that of Juventus’ Cecilia Salvai who suffered an ACL injury earlier in the year, the defender’s absence leaving a sizable hole in the back line.

Aside from Salvai, it’s very much business as usual with the like of Juventus trio Barbara Bonansea, Martina Rosucci, Valentina Cernoia making up the bulk of midfield and experienced attackers Daniela Sabatino, Ilaria Mauro and Cristiana Girelli the ones who’ll be giving the Azzurre the majority of their bite this summer.

Goalkeepers: Laura Giuliani (Juventus), Chiara Marchitelli (Florentia), Rosalia Pipitone (Roma).

Defenders: Elisa Bartoli (Roma), Lisa Boattin (Juventus), Laura Fusetti (Milan), Sara Gama (Juventus), Alia Guagni (Fiorentina), Elena Linari (Atlético Madrid), Linda Tucceri Cimini (Milan).

Midfielders: Valentina Bergamaschi (Milan), Barbara Bonansea (Juventus), Valentina Cernoia (Juventus), Aurora Galli (Juventus), Manuela Giugliano (Milan), Alice Parisi (Fiorentina), Martina Rosucci (Juventus), Annamaria Serturini (Roma).

Attackers: Cristiana Girelli (Juventus), Valentina Giacinti (Milan), Ilaria Mauro (Fiorentina), Daniela Sabatino (Milan), Stefania Tarenzi (Chievo Verona).