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What We Learned From The USWNT Vlog

Julie Ertz is a menace

Last week, US Soccer published a 10-ish minute vlog on YouTube featuring four prominent USWNT players. Defender Abby Dahlkemper, and midfielders Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan, and Sam Mewis, put together a sort of video diary over the course of five days during their recent training camp in Santa Barbara, CA.

It was delightful.

Here are some insights we gleaned from this very strong piece of WoSo content— some of it obvious, some less so.

Sam Mewis Is Evidently Known As “Tower Of Power”

When Dahlkemper led us through the team bus en route to training, she mentioned in an aside that she usually sits next to Sam Mewis. APPARENTLY she’s given Mewis the nickname “Tower Of Power.”

How... how do you just casually drop something like that?

We, as a community of people who love the women’s game, deserve to hear the full story behind Tower Of Power. How did it come about? What does it symbolize? How does Mewis feel about it? What connection, if any, is there to the legendary R&B band?

These are all important questions that need answers.

Crystal Dunn Loves Cake

Same, Crystal. Same.

No One Invites Lindsey Horan Out For Coffee


Rose Lavelle Loves Dogs

Not gonna lie, I do this exact same thing. I have definitely wandered away from groups of friends in order to pet a dog on the street. This moment illustrates why representation is so important.

Rose Lavelle: USWNT Icon, Relatable Dog Friend.

Do NOT Go To The Bathroom When Julie Ertz Is Lurking

Scary moments on the team bus, for sure.

USWNT Players Are All Weirdos

And I’m here for it, honestly.

BONUS: Crystal Dunn Is Already Preparing For Her Post-Soccer Career

“It’s called FASHION, look it up.”