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Welcome to All for XI

We’re gonna do our best.

Haiti v United States Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Have you ever scrolled through the NWSL tag on SBN, wishing there were an actual site that covered women’s soccer? Same, which is why I’m so happy to welcome you to SB Nation’s official women’s soccer site, All For XI. This is a place for us to cover any and everything in women’s soccer, allowing us to go beyond individual team brands and look at any level team or issue that we want, from national to rec league, from FIFA to grassroots. We want to talk about all the issues impacting women’s soccer at every level, and this will be our space to do that whenever and however we want.

As we launch, our focus will be closer to home with the NWSL season just starting and the USWNT heading into a last slew of friendlies before the Women’s World Cup, but over time we’ll be expanding coverage to more leagues and more countries. Do you have a team, league, or WNT you think we should cover? Let us know! Write a fanpost! Leave a comment or a tweet! We want to build a community here, where all women’s soccer fans can come for their woso fix.

Part of creating a place for all women’s soccer fans is doing our best to expand our coverage in intersectional ways, acknowledging that neither players nor fans exist as a monolith and that there are as many stories out there as there are varied identities. We’ll always try our best to respect and include readers of all genders, races, abilities, and orientations.

Welcome to All for XI, where we can make women’s soccer coverage whatever we want it to be.

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