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All I want for Christmas: What those WSL and Championship players are asking for this year

Iiiiiii don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s just three points I need

Christmas presents, UK Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Football is a very serious business and there’s nothing more serious than sitting down with a footballer and talking through the serious issues, having tackled the fanciful world of what fruit many would be I’ve spent the month talking about Santa. Footballers (and the odd coach), WSL and Championship, no one has been safe from my one question this December: What are you asking Santa for this year?

Anita Asante (Chelsea): “I guess I’m asking Santa to make VAR stop killing football dreams and for a lavish holiday away from this Brexit mess!”
AllforXI: “You got real, real fast Anita.”

Gemma Davies (Aston Villa): “I reckon, one those head… whadjacallems, you know you massage you own head…”
AfXI: “A head massager?”
GD: “Yes! I get a lot of pressure.” [gestures at head]

Matilde Fidalgo (Manchester City): “This Christmas I’m asking Santa for the opporunity to be with my family without having to rush anywhere, just being able to spend quality time with them.”

Nicola Gibson (London Bees): “Beats Pro headphones… But I’m also really hoping Santa will bring me an unbeelievable second half to the season for Bees.”

Holly Morgan (Leicester City): “This year, I’m asking for a piano… I played it when I was younger and I miss it, I’ve got a keyboard at home but it’s not the same sound so hopefully this Father Christmas will deliver a piano to my door.”

Lucy Quinn (Spurs): “I’m not asking for a lot… just for three points from every game we play for the rest of the season.”
AfXI: “And the FA Cup final…”
LQ: “Yeah all of that, just all football related, lots of goals.”

Sarah Robson (Durham): “Toys for my daughter so I don’t have to buy them [laughs]. Actually nothing really, I just can’t wait for time with all my family in Northern Ireland.”

Viktoria Schnaderbeck (Arsenal): “I’m asking Santa, as every year, for health for myself and my loved ones and also for a peaceful, joyful 2020 and for a nice time with my family.”

Amy Taylor (Lewes): “Maybe three points… is that a cop out?”

Katie Wilkinson (Sheffield United): “Promotion.”